Webinar: Philanthropy and Carbon Dioxide Removal Solutions in Canada

Presented by Environment Funders Canada & Clean Economy Fund

Date: Sep 29, 3:30-5:00pm ET
Location: Virtual

According to the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, every pathway to net-zero emissions involves carbon dioxide removal. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions remove pollution that is already in the atmosphere and can include both nature-based solutions such as afforestation and soil management techniques, and engineered solutions such as Direct Air Capture. There are important opportunities to apply both types of CDR solutions in Canada.

Join Environment Funders Canada and Clean Economy Fund for this 90-minute session that will include expert-led discussions exploring the cases both for nature-based CDR solutions and engineered CDR solutions. What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? Where in Canada are we seeing effective deployment? And where is philanthropic giving best allocated to accelerate uptake?


  • Paige Olmsted – Senior Research Associate at Smart Prosperity Institute
  • Mike Kelland – CEO & Co-Founder at Planetary

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*This event is for granting organizations only

CEF Summit 2022

Date: Nov 2-3
Location: Château Montebello, Québec

All philanthropic funders are invited to attend our annual summit, where expert input and collaborative discussion lead to new and powerful funding initiatives that support Canada’s transition to a net-zero economy.

This year’s key themes:

  • Climate & housing
  • Next steps for Canada’s sustainable finance agenda
  • Barriers to electrification
  • Also: Implications of the US Inflation Reduction Act; Canada’s current political environment; Funder updates

Contact CEF to learn more about the agenda and to secure your invitation. 

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