Making progress.

Since 2016, the Clean Economy Fund has worked with numerous philanthropic partners to deliver gamechanging outcomes. These outcomes come about through a rigorous process involving in-depth research, expert advice and funder collaboration. Here's a glimpse of the CEF model in action.

Green Recovery

Governments were scrambling to build post-Covid economic recovery packages. The CEF convened an expert-based Task Force for a Resilient Recovery, and successfully influenced a greener Canadian recovery.

Efficiency Canada

Canada was missing a strong national voice for energy efficiency. The CEF pooled philanthropic support to establish a new organization with research depth, policy savvy and the ability to engage the country.

Transition Accelerator

Experts designed a groundbreaking model to transition economic sectors to net zero. CEF partners established a home where the model could be executed, starting with the freight trucking sector.

Low Carbon Cities Canada

Toronto Atmospheric Fund had a proven model for turning a public endowment into sustained urban transformation. The CEF helped secure $183 million in government funding to give other Canadian cities the same tool.

Sustainable Finance

Achieving net zero requires a historic mobilization of private capital. CEF has coordinated funding for a variety of initiatives that advance the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance.

From our partners

The just transition to a net-zero carbon economy requires systems-level change, risk-taking and collaboration at scale. The bold responses that we need go beyond the scope of any one funder. The Clean Economy Fund equips its members with smart analysis, communication tools and climate action expertise. Most importantly, it provides pathways for funding alignment around strategic inventions, thus maximizing our collective impact.
Stephen Huddart, President & CEO