Rolling up our sleeves.

Solutions for philanthropy.

The Clean Economy Fund aims to make it easy for foundations, family offices and individuals to support giant leaps toward a net-zero, climate-friendly future. We do this by providing a range of entry-points to suit every interest.

  • Issue-based funds
    Are you looking to have the greatest impact with your charitable giving? Donate to Clean Economy Fund’s issue-based funds, which are based on expert input and designed to address urgent opportunities in Canada’s transition to a net-zero, climate-friendly future.

  • Collaborative granting
    Are you looking to leverage your contribution against others in order to support bigger projects? The Clean Economy Fund facilitates collaborative funding arrangements to help big projects get the funds they need. We regularly facilitate collaborations among groups of funders to support projects that no single funder could support on its own. Contact us to find out which collaborative projects would currently benefit from your contribution.

  • Donor advised funds (DAFs)
    Are you looking to enter into a formal, more-customized partnership to allocate your charitable giving? The Clean Economy Fund is on hand to tailor a Donor Advised Fund in which you have your own charitable account and we work with you to allocate it on a schedule that matches your needs.

  • Grant administration and due diligence
    Have you got a foundation or family office but limited capacity to award grants that target climate change? The Clean Economy Fund has an expert-informed system for identifying high-impact grant opportunities. We can work with you to award grants, provide project oversight, and ensure grants achieve their maximum potential.

Support for charities and non-profits.

The Clean Economy Fund actively seeks out and evaluates high-impact partners and projects that fit with CEF principles and advance CEF priorities. We are able to support charities and non-charities only if the project’s work is charitable in nature and for public benefit. If you have reviewed our principles and priorities and believe you are an eligible partner, we invite you to reach out. Please note that the Clean Economy Fund does not accept unsolicited grant applications. Note that CEF’s policy is that grant recipients may allocate no more than 10% of CEF grants to grant administration.