Making a big difference, together.

Supporting giant leaps toward net zero.

Canadians are increasingly alarmed about the impacts of climate change and the risks of being left behind in the global transition to net-zero emissions. Philanthropic giving can be a powerful way to help steer Canada toward success. But where to begin? 

The Clean Economy Fund is a charitable foundation that connects philanthropy with bold initiatives that support giant leaps toward a net-zero, climate-friendly future. 

Our goal is to make it simple for philanthropic foundations, family offices and individuals to make a big difference. We do this by providing a range of tools to help philanthropists give confidently. 

Systems-level change through teamwork.

Guiding the Clean Economy Fund is the ethos that tackling climate change in Canada requires transformative, systems-level change. For that reason, we target funding at initiatives that drive major government and industry action. 

We also recognize that the transition to a net-zero, climate-friendly future is hard work and requires a broad base of allies and champions. So the CEF approaches its grantmaking in the spirit of teamwork – with a view to helping governments and industry understand and embrace their roles in the transition.