Together we can do more.

Supporting giant leaps toward net zero.

The Clean Economy Fund is a charitable foundation that connects the philanthropic community with timely and influential opportunities to support Canada’s transition to a strong, climate-friendly future.  

There is more interest than ever among philanthropic funders to kickstart and accelerate Canada’s drive to a net-zero-emissions economy. But the challenges are immense compared with the resources available. We believe that, by working together, we can help philanthropic funds go farther and have more impact.

The Clean Economy Fund (CEF) equips philanthropic funders with three tools to get engaged and maximize impact: CEF Community, CEF Collaboration, and the CEF Pooled Fund.

Building broad-based action.

The Clean Economy Fund believes that tackling climate change in Canada requires building a broad base of support and action. For that reason, we target initiatives that engage and enable major economic sectors in embracing and supporting the transition to net-zero emissions.